E-Sheen Stamping Inc. was established in 1980.
E-Sheen developed Electro-Hydraulic 2-Poles Forklift, a machine that supports automobile maintenance in 1990 and it is a 
prior production line.

, at the request of new consumers, we initiated another production line for specialized Candle Displays.
For next several years
, we also became proficient in this producing line and marketed a wide range of styles to major consumers in Europe and the U.S.A.

E-Sheen has over 15 years production experience in candleholders and candle display market. We are well-know of manufacturing Candleholders
Electro-Hydraulic 2Poles Forklift, so we are confident in providing our consumers hundred precents satisfaction.

US$ 3 million plus(Taiwan)   US$ 0.8million(Thailand)
Factory Area:3300m2
Financial: Taiwan Business Bank     First Commercial Bank